Computer Facilities

Rhodes University has widely accessible computer facilities available to all registered students.

Your email address

During administrative registration you’ll be given a username and password that will let you access all of the University’s computer facilities. This username and password is your online identity while you are at Rhodes. Treat your password as you would your bank ATM PIN – don’t share it with anyone.

You’ll also get a University e-mail address at the same time. Your e-mail address will be of the form: (i.e. your student number preceded by a ‘g’). The University will use this e-mail address for all official correspondence to you while you’re at Rhodes, so if you’ve got another address you prefer using please ensure that you regularly read (or forward) all mail sent to your e-mail address too.

Accessing the Internet from your residence

The Student Networking service allows you to connect to the University’s network using your own, private computer or other device. Wired network access is available in all University residence rooms. Wireless access is available in some res common rooms, most lecture theatres, the Library, and many other hot-spots on campus.

Assuming you’ve brought your own computer with you, you can sign up for this service as soon as you’ve got a username and password for the University’s network from registration. Instructions for connecting to the network can be found at

If you get stuck, you can visit the Student Help Desk.  You’ll find the Help Desk in the basement of the Bantu Stephen Biko Building (next to the pool).

Don’t have a computer?

There are also public and departmental computer labs in the New Arts building, Physics, Eden Grove, the Bantu Stephen Biko Building, the Library and a few other places. These labs are often used for practical and other classes during the day, so you may find that some are only available after hours (there’s usually a timetable at the door).

Other stuff you need to know

Limited access to the Internet is available from any networked computer on campus, including those in residences. All Internet access is subject to an Internet quota and it would be in your interests to make sure you understand how these quotas work. You’ll find more information about quotas at

The University has a comprehensive acceptable use policy which is available at Your attention is drawn to the sections about respecting other people’s privacy and copyright - the University does not tolerate copyright infringement

You can print from the public computer labs and residences. Printing is charged per page, so you’ll need to buy some printing credit before you start and this can be done through ROSS

Need IT consumables and equipment?

There is an IT Shop located in the Struben building which sells most routine IT consumables and peripherals – from flash sticks and portable hard disks to complete computers. The shop is open daily between 9:30-12:00 and from 14:30-15:30.
For a product list or more information, visit:

South African universities have joined forces through PURCO to negotiate preferential pricing on laptop computers for students and staff. This resulted in the Student Technology Programme, an
online portal where you can place orders directly with affiliate suppliers. See for more details and pricing.

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